What Is “DP” Double Penetration?
Double penetration usually refers to two penises or sex toys inserted into woman’s body during the sexual intercourse.
Usually it refers to vaginal and anal holes.
While orally also technically counts as double penetration, that’s not what people usually mean.

It’s recommended for beginners to start with smaller butt plugs or simply finger (with condom on it or glove for hygiene) in the butt.
Or even safer for woman is to try it first with the dildo and butt plug by herself…

The ultimate double penetration is during threesome — two guys, one lady.
That’s what we’ve seen in the adult movies…and that’s the kink that some want to experience when they mean double penetration…

What Does Double Penetration Feel Like?
To me it felt like just something different, exciting, kinky…
And because of that it was super arousing and sexy — it was very hard not to orgasm quickly because of all that.
Both for me and my partner — we loved it since we took our time.
I guess that’s the biggest downside to DP and anything anal related — if you want it to be pleasurable, it’s gonna take time to open butt for receiving.
And if you need to get the third partner, there are the logistics of it.

But as somebody smart has said: where there is will, there is a way.


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